Host: Willem Janssen

Willem Janssen is an Assistant Professor in European and Dutch Public Procurement Law at the law department of Utrecht University, and a researcher at the Centre for Public Procurement and RENFORCE.

His line of research on public procurement law focusses on sustainable and responsible outsourcing and insourcing in the public procurement (law) context. This research focus touches upon issues related to the influence of EU public procurement law on the organisation of public tasks on the national level (in-house, public cooperation, make-or-buy decision etc.) and the stimulation of societal value via public procurement procedures (social policy, social enterprises, right to challenge, social entrepreneurship etc).

His work has been published in various international and Dutch academic journals, including Public Procurement Law Review, European Public-Private Partnership & Procurement Law Review, Utrecht Law Review, Tijdschrift Aanbestedingsrecht, Jurisprudentie Aanbestedingsrecht, Tekst & Commentaar, and Tijdschrift voor Staatssteun. In 2018, he published his monologue on the influence of EU public procurement law on self-organisation by public authorities (reviewed in Tijdschrift Aanbestedingsrecht & Staatssteunrecht, SEW and C.M.L.R.). Since 2017, he is part of an interdisciplinary university-wide research project on ‘Entrepreneurship for Societal Challenges’ in which he investigates the positive contribution of companies to societal problems, such as climate change. 

He was a Visiting Scholar at The George Washington University’s Government Procurement Program in Washington D.C. in 2014, and has been priviledged to present his research at various universities and societal stakeholders, including Global Revolution Conference, the European Environmental Law Forum and at Nottingham University, Turin University, Dublin University, Leiden University, Maastricht University, Finnish Public Procurement Association, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the Dutch Public Procurement Association, the Dutch Parliament, VNO-NCW and Mkb Nederland, Municipality of Utrecht, the Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten, and the Circular Economy Lab.

He lectures public procurement law, competition law, and European law. He initiated and coordinates the master course ‘Societally Responsible Public Procurement’ since 2017. Additionally, he coordinates executive courses on public procurement law specifically for lawyers, public purchasers and policy-makers, such as ‘Aanbestedingsrecht voor de Inkooppraktijk‘ and various other in-house courses. In 2018, he was short-listed for ‘Best Lecturer of the Year’. 

He initiated the first Dutch monthly freely available podcast ‘Bestek – de Aanbestedingspodcast‘, is an editor of Tijdschrift Aanbestedingsrecht, is a monthly columnist at on the relationship between government and market and is a board member of the Dutch Association for Public Procurement law (NVvA). The podcast project was nominated for the Societal Impact Award 2019 of Utrecht University. In 2015, his joint research with prof. E.R. Manunza led to questions in the Dutch Parliament. In 2018, a commitee that he chaired advised the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate on clustering of contracts, who followed all of the recommendations. Prior to 2016, he was a member of the NEVI and NVvA committees that were in charge of preparing for the EU public procurement directives of 2014. He enjoys engaging informally on public procurement issues on a daily basis on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

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