About Bestek

Bestek is a podcast about public procurement law. It’s nerdy and – dare we say – fun.

It mimics conversations about this field of law that usually occur at the conference dinners after the formal parts of these events are over. Dr. WiIlem Janssen and dr. Marta Andhov realized that perhaps the most intriguing public procurement conversations occur whilst having dinner and a glass of wine. They were even so bold to assume that others outside of the academic world might also be interested in those conversations.

This is how the idea for the English version of Bestek came about. Building on the success of the Dutch podcast ‘Bestek – de Aanbestedingspodcast’ hosted by dr. WiIlem Janssen since January 2019, Bestek expanded with co-host dr. Marta Andhov in April 2020 to create English episodes.

Our ambition is to serve you public procurement law discussions and debates in a light-hearted and at times nerdy form. Recent publications or ongoing research will provide the starting point of the discussion in each episode.  We might also reflect on current developments and challenges within the procurement law profession, or some of the great foods and wines we have recently tasted.

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