#12 Centralised Purchasing Bodies & How to stay up to date

In this episode, Marta and Willem discuss the rules related to centralised purchasing bodies, their role in public procurement, the national differences that exist in the EU and their specific procurement techniques. For dessert, they delve into the question how to stay up to date in public procurement.


  • How are Centralised Purchasing Bodies currently regulated in Directive 2014/24/EU?
  • What are some examples from the Member States?
  • Do Member States differ in terms of how centralised or decentralised their purchasing structures are?


  • How do we stay up to date in the field of public procurement law?


Willem & Marta

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You might also be interested in Marta’s and Willem’s (future) publication on this subject:

  • W.A. Janssen & M.A.J.  Stuijts, Centralised Procurement in the Netherlands: A mixture of procurement autonomy, decentralization & diversified collaborative purchasing (forthcoming 2021);
  • M. Andhov, R. Vornicu, A comparative view of the use of procurement techniques and electronic instruments by central purchasing bodies (forthcoming 2021).

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