#8 Art. 18 (2) and the Tim case: a sustainability principle? & procrastination strategies

In episode 8, we discuss article 18(2) Directive 2014/24/EU. Its nature, character and scope as well as shortcomings. We focus our discussions on analyzing whether the sustainability referred to in Article 18(2) can pass the test to be truly understood as a procurement principle. This leads us to reflect on CJEU ruling in Case C-395/18 Tim SpA where the court refers to 18(2) as a ‘cardinal value’ with which the Member States must ensure compliance. For dessert, we discuss strategies to fight procrastination and get writing!


  • Is Article 18 (2) binding and if so on who?
  • What are  “applicable measures”?
  • How are we to understand “applicable obligations”?
  • Is 18(2) a general principle of procurement law?What does Tim say in the context of Art 18(2)?    


– How do we fight procrastination and get writing?

Let’s dish up public procurement law!


Marta Andhov & Willem Janssen

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You might also be interested in Marta’s and Willem’s publications on this subject. For a discussion about the character of Article 18 (2)  see:

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