#7 Current legal discussions about institutionalized cooperation & online conferences


  • How can public authorities structure their public cooperation in compliance with the public procurement rules?
  • What are the current legal discussions relating to article 12(1-3) 2014/24/EU?
  • Can reversed awards take place in light of joint control?
  • What to do about private capital and the phrase ‘in conformity with the Treaties’?
  • Does control requires share capital?


  • What are the essentials of good online conferences?

In today’s episode, we discuss institutionalized cooperation under article 12(1-3) Directive 2014/24/EU. We focus our discussions on the outstanding and most pressing discussions that currently create legal uncertainty in the Member States. This leads us to talking about private capital, control and other aspects of cooperation between contracting authorities. For dessert, we consider online conferences and what we think are essentials to organize them in the future.

Let’s dish up public procurement law!


Willem Janssen & Marta Andhov

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You might also be interested in some of Willem’s publications on this subject:

  • For a discussion about harmonization and self-organisation (in which cooperation plays an important role): W.A. Janssen, ‘Swimming against the Tide: the Harmonisation of Self-organisation through article 12 Directive 2014/24/EU, European Procurement & Public-Private Partnership Law Review, Issue 3, 2019, pp. 145-155;

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