#3 The EU Green Deal in light of public procurement law & Academic life after COVID-19


  1. Does EU public procurement law currently contain an obligation to procure sustainable outcomes?
  2. Does the Green Deal create a paradigm shift from possibilities to obligations to procure green?
  3. Why does Green Deal prioritize environmental procurement above social procurement?


  1. How will academic life change after COVID 19 in terms of travels?
  2. What changes are potentially positive and what we will miss about the old school approach of meeting face-to-face?

In this episode of Bestek, we discuss a topic that is very close to both of our own research projects: sustainable public procurement . We look at this subject through the lens of the newly introduced European Green Deal and what changes it introduces. We consider why the current legal regime is flawed; what are the pros and cons of the prospective ‘mandatory’ environmental criteria; and why a new European approach could be a good idea. For the happy fun dessert time, we are ‘dishing’ up academic life after COVID 19. Will we still travel to conferences? If not, why we might miss it?

Let’s dish up public procurement law!


Willem Janssen & Marta Andhov

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