#2 Regular procurement in COVID-19 times & Academic mentors


  1. When does the extreme emergency procurement exception stop and when does the regular procurement requirement will re-starts?
  2. Selection Stage: can we interpret Art 60 (2) Directive 2014/24/UE (“non-issue of documents”) as temporarily due to COVID-19 “non issuance”?
  3. What is the added value of former market analysis?
  4. Why is the EU Commission asking for sustainability procurement in COVID-19 times?


  1. What is the importance of mentors in education as well as in academic career?
  2. Is a mentor the same as an academic supervisor?

In this episode of Bestek, we continue the discussion about COVID-19 related issues. We consider how the issue of ‘urgency’ is interpreted, and at which point it cannot be relied upon aymore. Also, how are ‘regular’ procurements (meaning not healthcare related)  affected by the circumstances of COVID-19? We discuss how regular procurements that are still to be launched, procurements that are currently in the mids of the process, or procurement contracts that have already been awarded, are affected and what kind of assistance can be found in the legal interpretation of the public procurement rules. For the happy fun dessert time, we chat about the role of mentorship and our ambition to be mentors for our students.

Let’s dish up public procurement law!


Marta Andhov & Willem Janssen

p.s. should you be interested, have a look at the video presentation on this topic by Marta or this Dutch Bestek episode on COVID-19 by Willem.

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