#1 COVID-19 responses to public procurement in the EU & Academic life in these times


  • Where are we at in the context of COVID-19 and public procurement?


  • How have the Member States addressed COVID-19 so far?
  • What to do now?
  • What are some of the available solutions?


  • What does academic life look like in these times?

We promised our listeners light-hearted, fun podcasts on public procurement and the law. However, due to the current circumstances, we are tackling the serious topic of COVID-19 and the Member States’ responses to this challenge.

We critically discuss the Commission guidance on COVID-19 and public procurement, and what we think are some of the challenges that contracting authorities face these days. Also, we discuss the approaches taken by some of the Member States to address the COVID 19. For the happy fun dessert time, we chat about academic life and especially teaching online in these times.

Let’s dish up public procurement law!


Marta Andhov & Willem Janssen

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